I sponsored an Animal at the Vancouver Aquarium
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Aquariums play a crucial role in conservation and helping people understand how to protect animals and their natural habitats. The 70,000 animals who call the Vancouver Aquarium home are among our best teachers. From rescued otters and endangered frogs to sea lions and clownfish, they shine a spotlight on the pressures that many species face in the wild and show each of us how we can protect their wild cousins, our ocean and our planet.

What do you get when you sponsor an animal?

Sponsoring an animal will connect you with one of our amazing animal ambassadors. With your monthly contribution, you will receive:

  • A sponsorship certificate
  • Regular updates about your sponsored animal
  • Information about their species and the challenges they face in the wild
  • Opportunities to meet the experts who care for them everyday
  • A consolidated tax receipt for the full amount of your donation at the end of the year.

Sponsor an animal for as little as $10 each month!

Your monthly sponsorship lasts as long as you want. With each monthly gift, you will ensure the care of these incredible animal ambassadors and help the Vancouver Aquarium and Ocean Wise advance critical conservation, research and education programs that ensure our oceans are healthy and flourishing.

Please select an animal to sponsor

Your sponsorship will support the areas of greatest need at the Vancouver Aquarium and Ocean Wise Conservation Association, its parent organization. Ocean Wise is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans and the animals that call it home.

For more information about sponsoring an animal, please contact us at support@ocean.org.